Privacy Policy

We, atLogo Quik, will be notifying you when it is collection of any type of personally identifiable information about you, as well as the uses of so as to further improve the type of services which we offer to all our users.

IP Address

We might be collecting as well as disclosing certain types of non-personal information from your IP address. This type of information will be used only to provide an enhanced online experience for our visitors by optimizing our web pages for our computer. Their types of information can be the identity of the browser, the type of operating system which is used by us and the domain of your Internet Service provider. We also might be using this non-personal information to determine the total number of visitors who might be coming to our website.


While you view our website, you might be storing some information on the computer. This information will be in the form of a "Cookie" or a similar file and this will be helping us in many ways such as enabling us to tailor a website to better match your interests as well as preferences. With the most recent internet browsers, all the users can erase the cookies which have been stored on the hard drive, block them or simply receive a warning before a cookie has been stored. You are requested to refer to your browser instructions or help the screen to learn more about these functions on our website.

Information which happens to be Personally Identifiable

The information which is personally identifiable with regards to our visitors on about our website is collected only when we know and voluntarily submit them to our visitors. The website ofLogo uses all such information only for the purpose for which it was submitted unless we happen to be disclosing the other users at the time of collection. TheLogo does not sell the personal information to other third parties. Additionally, the websiteLogo might also share personally identifiable with other parts our company, however, this will never be used on an individual basis at any location which might be outside the company. Also, all the users will be heartened to know that we maintain appropriate safeguards in order to ensure the security, integrity as well as the privacy of all personally identifiable information which happens to be in our possession. The websiteLogo Quik may be using such type of personally identifiable information in its possession. Other uses of the information which might be provided to us might be used to further develop the website and make it all the more better suited as well as responsive to all the needs of our visitors. This type of statistical compilation of the non-identifiable information might also be used by or provided to others for marketing, research or advertising purposes.

Links to Other Sites

The siteLogo Quik chooses all of its advertisers as well as business partners very carefully. However, the siteLogo Quik is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of any third party which might be linked with our website. These links are meant only for the visitor's convenience only. Any link which is related to the third party websites in no way constitutes any form of sponsorship, endorsement or sponsorship or approval by association with websiteLogo Once you have left a web page ofLogo via such a link, then you might hope to be associated with third party website. TheLogo Quiks website may also be linked to other websites which are operated by companies which are affiliated withLogo's website might also be linked to numerous other websites which are operated by companies which happen to be affiliated withLogo The users of our website who might be paying a visit to this website might be getting in touch with these websites in order to refer to their separate privacy policies.

Comments as Well as Submissions

Should any visitor to the website of theLogo Quik website provide suggestions, ideas, questions, comments and ideas or any other material through the feedback materials which have been located on the website, we atLogo Quik shall be having no obligation of any kind with respect to such type of information and we will be always free to produce, use, disclose as well as distribute all the information to others without any limitation. The information which has been expressed in any of the Message Boards or any of the other forums which have been collected on the websites ("Forums") of are not necessarily a part of those associated with those ofLogo or any of it's affiliated or related entities or providers of content. Neither any of its affiliated or related entities or content providers as well as the Message Logo makes no representations or warranties regarding the information or of those opinions.